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I think it is silly discussing it here in Peter Booth’s article. There’s a court set up and they have to decide based on evidence. Peter Booth was not there, neither were you all or I. No point discussing the morality of Ponting or Tendulkar here. We all know who was not playing fair, but the racist remark allegation should be proved only in the court setup by ICC, not you or me. You can check out this article for statement of facts, just facts.


About Booth’s remark about who runs the game, obviously he knows who does right now, so no point lamenting. People have controlled various things at various times, so no pointing ruing what is today a fact. The cricketers earn their bread from the ones who pay the money.

Third point is we are discussing a racist remark not racism which is a much higher thing since it is about biases and prejudices which impact a race’s personal growth and is beyond things said in a fit of rage to each other. It is more likely to be a well thought of and continuous set of actions. Racism is something which is much beyond these silly discussions and banana courts (nothing to do with monkeys). It is much bigger and has a very ugly face, which most of the people indulging in cerebral punching here do not understand. Some of them here (going by the language they use) are much more racists than any person you know.

Please don’t leave racist remarks. I doubt if anyone’s personal knowledge about how another country works is credible enough to be celebrated. We in India can never understand that Bastard can mean your friend, similarly i don’t expect people in Australia to understand that monkeying around in India doesn’t mean a sadist is at work. That’s the only reason that a nation has risen to defend a thought that is alleged. (words don’t count here only the intended meaning)

People consider that the owned occupation of Australia NZ and USA by whites as racist, since it is about the rights of aborigines, maurees and Red Indians. but that is not something an Englishman would ever agree to. Living in another country is ok, but owning it 100% ahead of the original race?

I will leave you with this thought.