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I am as pained at the terror attacks as anyone else in India. And even sad at the failure to let the terrorists in so far in India to be able to hit at some well recognized places and hold fort for a long time.taj mahal hotel mumbai terrorist attack fire


Well, the similarity ends here as I see that most of the people who appeared on the television to air their comments are baying for blood. No I’m not so highly impressed as some others at the commando’s work. Since, all of the hostages got killed, due to probably the politicians’ pressure to get this drama off the national news channels. And helped by the public, who egged on for a T20 finish!

I am also not impressed by the national news channels coverage of the event, who in their enthusiasm were letting out critical information, and none of the political or police was ready to ask them to shut up till they clear the situation.

Even the comments of the captured terrorist, (mumbai attack azam ajmal amir kasab faridkot pakistani terrrorist hailing from Faridkot in Pakistan) which were sensitive information, were turned into a jingoistic ballad about Pakistan.

nsg commandos nariman houseAnd to top it, now the baying for blood stance of people who want heads to roll.. makes me think that the politicians had attacked mumbai. Well, there was certainly a gaffe by a few politicians, but certainly, making us believe that the situation was preventable, is akin to laughing at our own intelligence. The truth is that if well armed and well trained people fed on jingoist religious diet, are let loose within the common masses at any time, there are going to be casualties much before help arrives. Let us not force politicians to take decisions which are going to cost us dearer in terms of the spend out of our taxes. Whether the NSG is located in Mumbai or Delhi, they can’t reach any spot with 30 minutes to save the damage. So, what is the point creaIL 76 military transport airplaneting unnecessary expense. And again, an IL 76 cannot be stationed on all locations and would not be required all the time except when you want around 200 commandos to report to duty.

And please, the protection asked for by some mumbaikars, should also be extended to each and every citizen of the country.. or let each person wanting to be over-protected pay extra for it. Did not 2 prime ministers of this country (Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi) given the maximum protection possible, get slain by terrorists? So what protection level can be given to common man? Let us be practical!

The only way out is to be responsive to situations. And give swift decisions and justice and then carry out the edicts.. Only this can deter terrorists.. as inaction allows more terrorists to be born.

And please cut the rhetoric.. don’t take us back from here..