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Sania Mirza and dishonour to the national flagSania Mirza was lambasted for showing disrespect to the national flag.Now, the national flag did come up in the picture frame, near to her feet. Well, in a picture frame even the Eiffel tower can come under my hand!


The bottomline is that no one was sure, if her feet were close to the flag. Secondly, surely, it didn’t seem that she had noticed the flag, which could even be placed later as everyone keeps looking for a sensational story, and Sania is an easy target.

Now how do we pay homage to the national flag?

  • By making sure that it gets hoisted honourably and purposefully, like when athletes or sportsmen win at prestigious events?
  • By creating value all around the world through initiatives that help the world?
  • By helping people relax through yoga all over the world, and through ayurvedic medicine?
  • Or by hoisting it with no purpose but in the technically correct manner and beating a hollow chest by being 112th on the most world class lists of achievements?

If the last is not your take, Sania, is no culprit!