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Spiderman famously said,” with great power comes great responsibility”. Mr. Narayana Murthy watch out!


Yes, Mr Murthy we are all watching. Waiting for you to slip. We don’t want you to fail, however, we shall put up each word of yours for analysis and debate. However, if you want to setup your company in my state, my goverment is ready to snatch my land and give it to you at dirt prices. So don’t fret, keep doing what you are and just keep your mouth shut.

1. As per media, Mr. Narayana Murhty said,”singing the national anthem would have “embarrassed” company employees of foreign origin”
The statement, as it appeared in the media definitely sounds derogative to the national anthem. Thumbs Down.

2. Did media overstep and did not report completely, as usual?
Well, it is a statement which could have been taken out of context to sound more awful that it actually was. I’ve not seen the video, have you? Till then, I’d like to reserve my judgement. Neutral.

3. Ministers cry for blood.
Alleging insult to anthem, some Ministers have gone to the extent of demanding the removal of the company from the state. Isn’t that silly? Isn’t it better if the ministers stop Land Acquisition and handing over to already rich companies at sillier prices? If they want progress they should stop treating people’s property as their own. Let companies acquire land on their own and pay the required price to the Land Owners. Let us not use national anthems to confuse people. Thumbs Down.

4. Mr. Naraya Murthy apologizes
Well, he’s apologized hasn’t he? so what’s the cry all about? We would have expected a better worded apology which would could have said,”I apologize to the nation. My intentions have been misunderstood.”

Finally, We all make mistakes – as long as the mistake is realized and the apology is immediate and at the same level as the mistake, and no lasting intellectual or physical collateral is lost. So why drag the issue. Bury it and move on. We’ve got a lot of other more demanding and important dreams to achieve. Period. Thumbs Up.