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[[ Multimedia ]] is an integration of IT, Communication and Media, a tool that makes communications interactive, immersive and powerful.


Like other software segments, the global need in Multimedia related industries is for trained manpower. India has emerged as one of the largest markets to produce such multimedia specialists and the world is coming to us today to equip their studios with our professionals, with their sound technical knowledge and strong fundamentals.

The Indian Entertainment Industry stands at over Rs. 19,700 crores (US$ 4,377 million). It is expected to grow in double digits- at 11 % compounded annually over the next five years. The key driver for the Entertainment Industry in next decade would be Technology. India with its vast pool of skilled IT manpower and creative storytellers, is poised to take a great leap from a mere outsourcing destination to the right full holder of [[ Intellectual ]] Property.

India’s animation sector is witnessing a major boom. Indian animation industry, according to National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom), currently growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 percent, is expected to touch 15 billion dollars by 2008. The domestic industry growth would be driven by more co-production deals and increasing development of intellectual properties in India. The total global animation production is expected to touch 70 billion dollars shortly.

India has also not been left untouched by this wave of [[ proliferation ]] of gaming as a popular form of entertainment. The electronic gaming industry is one of the fastest growing segments within the software industry, even bigger than the global film industry. An AC Nielsen report states that the Indian gaming market (minus mobile gaming) was expected to be worth $50 million by 2005 with $15 million likely to come from PC gaming and $35 million from console-based gaming.

Mobile gaming is fast emerging a rage in the wireless business. Gaming is gradually becoming a key element in operators’ and content developers’ strategies. Propelled by end-user demand, gaming is growing quickly as an increasing number of Indian consumers take advantage of wireless mobility to enjoy entertainment on the go.

“India’s mobile gaming market will touch about $336m by 2009, while 220 million people will be playing games on phones by 2009 generating billions for mobile companies,” according to market analysts, In-Stat/MDR. “The Indian mobile-game business currently makes up about 5 percent of the global wireless market but it’s growing fast,” the research further points out.

Currently online gaming constitutes around 14% of the total video gaming segment. This is predicted to go up to a staggering 45% by 2009.

To enable those interested in this burgeoning field to sculpt a career in the Games industry, Arena Multimedia and Arena Animation Academy has a well-researched, industry-relevant Course DAE, and a huge alumni base of over 200,000 creative people which has already been given rave reviews by games development companies such as Indiagames, Paradox Studios etc. as well as new Indian upcoming animation studios such as VirtualSoft
A quick glance at some New Age multimedia careers :

• Entertainment (Movies, TV)
• Education (Classroom Based Training, Web Based Training)
• Advertising (Print and TV Commercials)
• Engineering and Design
• Defence (VR simulations)
• Marketing and Business
• Interactive Multimedia & Web
• Mobile computing
• Gaming
• Print & Publishing
• Fashion and Interior Designing
• [[ Animation ]]
• Special Effects