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Like the Sri Lanka’s Stratagem against Ricky Ponting’s team in the World Cup Super 8, India Team Selection is also following a hidden agenda.


First consider these facts:

    Is it not a fact that America is way ahead in terms of sports?
    Is it not a fact that Americans are fanatics about their teams (as so are the European nations)?
    Is it not a fact that India took over a large share of America’s business and India worked overtime so that American’s could enjoy their game of baseball, basketball or even football?

So, sometime, in 1980-90s a strategy was formed. A chief of police force was chosen for the task. The task was simple. Indian’s were too much emotionally attached to their hockey. This chief of police was commendable in the manner in which he stamped out terrorism from Punjab. His next task was even tougher. And nobody was to know the purpose of the mission (at least till the mission was successful). Today, he is successful in his task. And the task was – to stamp out Hockey from the minds of Indian people. It takes usually 20 years after the last triumph to wash out a sport from the mind of people. And if you see now, no one gets emotional discussing hockey. And full marks to the chief of Police who did not brag to media about his success. Since his mission was to free the minds of people so that they can get back to work and make India focus on work.

But there was an issue. A haryanvi lad around the same time, despite the best of government efforts to make slipshod teams (well they called ghavri, binny and mohinder pacers), won the Cricket World Cup (1983). Well, Team India (the one which drives India to work) did not lose hope. They installed a battery of people (the matrix) to destroy this new game. And years down the line, they have achieved the same success. Today, cricket has become empty blabber (like garibi hatao or even the population problem) and is expected to die quite soon. Still the matrix is taking no chances. It has this game under it’s crushing hold, but it’s hawk eye is watching for any other deviant game which tries to rise it’s head.

Team India is on a roll! The Real Agenda is Business!