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Terrorism public policy police terrorist societal analysis terrorizing dangerous boyfriend girlfriend husband wife in-laws lawyers tenant landlord lender bank lendor lendee parent child teacher perpetrators India world USA us Pakistan state removed eradicatedCan Terror ever be removed from the face of earth? Really speaking, it is totally impossible to remove terror from the face of earth. Terror has been there from the origin of the earth. It is about transfer of property away from the deserved. It later on went on to become state policy, when terror was used to extend empires. Now, expecting mankind to unlearn the fruits of terror is neigh impossible. However, there maybe a possibility to keep the common man sufficiently away from the precincts of terror.



Who is a terrorist?


Well there are 2 kinds of terrorists:

(a)                Brand A (alienated): Ones who are motivated by reason other than direct gains (indirect gains to their family members and perpetrators are there). Here the victims usually do not have any option since the terrorist has no prior or future (proposed) dealing with the victim.

(b)               Brand B (societal): Ones who stand to gain directly from terrorism, with the victim going to lose some value. This being a resolvable position, usually the victim succumbs to the threat and chooses the lower (in his eyes) of the 2 or more proposed losses (scenarios).


Which is more dangerous?


Well the Brand A terrorism is pronounced to be more dangerous by most of the people, mostly, since there is not much room for negotiations with them. However, actually the second one is usually the root cause of most terrorism, since when consistently Brand B terrorism brings fruit to people, they move towards the Brand A Terrorism.


What is actually Brand B Terrorism?


It starts from anything like your landlord terrorizing you or your tenant terrorizing you. It could be a lendor or the lendee. It could be your boyfriend terrorizing you or your girlfriend. It could be your husband, wife, in-laws or every parent or child. And when the public recourse is full of leeches a lot of people succumb to this brand of terror. Here, are laid the roots of a terrorist. Anyone who learns that the world can give you something that you don’t deserve by terrorizing it, has become a terrorist. And sadly, the people expected to protect you have for their own reason become part of the whole deal and join in to take their piece of cake from the situation. And these are none other that the Police, the Lawyers, and others who are excepted to make life easy for you in these circumstances.


Can terrorism be removed?


Well, since any action against the Brand A community (possible terrorists) usually would justify the crucification analogy drilled into the heads of terrorist, since it would touch a lot of innocent people, you can’t possibly cure terrorism by force. And use of force would mean other people getting subject to force would harbor grievances against the force and may end up siding with the terrorists. Unbridled love can only stop terrorism. However, in this world with its shortages providing unbridled love to people, who are idling their time and have no positive value or contribution is tough. However, the means is to provide love to people who bring some value to the world, however, small it may be. And on top of it, protect them from those who are not ready to add value but who want to steal value. This is a tough call.


So what’s the deal?


It means, that to root out terrorism, we only need to fortify, purify and speedify our justice delivery system and to allow no tampering with it. Well that is so easy and yet sounds so out of reach at the same time….