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India has been proliferated with educational brand chains spreading wings by the night. There is an increased belief that packaging education through systems and processes is possible and a standardized product/ service can thus be delivered. Can Franchise Framework for education delivery work in the same fashion as other instant food franchise networks?


Education is not like McDonalds or Barista which relies on a secret service delivery formula to achieve success. It cannot follow an equation in which the variables can be assuaged and fulfilled. It is a partnership of trust of the public with the institute and the brand. Education can never be treated completely like a commercial venture, and it has public good as a core activity unlike selling of burgers. It is also not driven by a core need like hunger (in case of burger) but an accentuated need like preparing for a career. Hence, the mere delivery of lectures does not constitute a delivery.

Hence a centre ends up as a very personalized affair and no two deliveries can be the same. This personalization aspect of a centre constitutes what comes to be known as the goodwill of a brand in the local market. Hence presence of multiple centres to deliver the same constitutes an attempt to redefine the brand as visualized currently by the market.

So does this mean that the Education Brand should not access the same market twice? Or open two delivery points in the same market.

Education relies on creation of centres of excellence, and the company running the chain has to identify whether a centre of excellence as defined by their preamble has been achieved. If that is not so, they need to confirm if all attempts to do so were made and the visionary required to lead the local brand is not available. In such a situation they may go ahead and create another delivery point, especially meaning that with the new delivery point achieving excellence the old point needs to be closed. At a continuum level only one delivery point is desirable in a given defined education market.