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Raj Thackeray MumbaikarA lot of people in the past few years have asked for a better spend on Mumbai on the basis of the reason that a large part of taxes comes from mumbai. This came in the wake of regular flooding, but the words came to mean much later that Mumbaikars be treated as special ones, or different from the rest. And this rhetoric started from Shabana Azmi, Pritish Nandy and carried on by a few others including Shobha De. Now, I don’t bother much about Shobha De, but it hurts that Pritish Nandy or Shabana Azmi, can mention this…


And then Raj Thakeray saw this opportunity. He combined the rhetoric to an anti-bihari stance and he was sitting on a volcano. Only that he opened the mouth of the volcano and singed a city .. in one stroke.

The intelligentsia was dumbfounded.. it may not have meant this but they couldn’t go back without a foot in their mouth. And by the time the intelligentsia gathered their senses, Mumbai was burning!

And, even the usually vitriolic Balasaheb Thackeray was stunned. And when he gathered his wits, he had already lost half his vote bank! And others did make a mention here and there.. and Kamal Khan went on to get his 15 minutes of fame when others were badly placed for words..
He made a movie starring himself mouthing a few bold statements and got to feature on all national TV channels. In fact his trailor ran longer than his movie, deshdrohi.. was a testimony to the shallow attempt.

Rahul Raj from Patna hijacked a BEST bus and was shot dead by Mumbai PoliceBut it sadly went on to claim a life of a impressionable young fellow, Rahul Raj from Patna.. who supposedly came to kill Raj Thackeray and hijacked a BEST bus and fired a gun shot, but was shot dead maybe 20 kilometers away from Raj Thackeray. Phew! that was a close call, at least Mumbai Police would have us believe that..

And having Raj Thackeray carry on with business as usual creating a virtual state of similarly frustrated sounding youth. Well, for a Bihari to come to Mumbai has started sounding like a crime. Well, no wonder, when Indians are maltreated abroad, we see a Raj Thackeray there too defending his fiefdom. Well, I hope sane people can prevail over this uncalled for ban to suit one person’s personal agenda.

And suddenly being a Mumbaikar has started sounding bad!