Andrew Symonds was he called monkey by Harbhajan?
Andrew Symonds says yes he was called, whereas Harbhajan denies.
Inconclusive, since except Andrew Symonds no one knows that. Neutral.

What evidence is there regarding the abuse?
Sure, the video shows them (Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh) having a friendly chat, and there was no anger on Andrew Symond’s face. The video is the only evidence as nobody could have heard the personal friendly discussion they were having. Sachin Tendulkar denies it while Matthew Hayden says he heard it. So, it’s one’s word against another. So no evidence. Neutral.

Is monkey a racial abuse?
Mostly, No! Well it matter about what we think about our forefathers – monkeys. I think here we would need a dictionary of racist words since a lot of words are confusing. Is Gay a racist word? Is bastard (uttered by Brad Hogg for the Captain Anil Kumble) racist? Well, one thing is certain. Monkey may be abusive to some extent, but ranks way below Bastard and F***er. Thumbs Down.

Is there a resemblance between Andrew Symonds and Hanuman – the monkey God?
Hanuman - the monkey GodHanuman is the monkey God, and the paint on the face of Andrew Symonds Andrew Symonds Monkey Paintstrikingly resembles the way Indians drew their God. And that said, the image that comes to every Indian’s mind on seeing these images is the same. You check out these images yourself and decide. So, it is same as calling Inzamam an “Aloo” potato, or Harbhajan a “Turbanator” – hats off to Inzamam and Harbhajan since they grin and bear it! Monkey God Painting by top Indian Painter MF HusainThumbs Up.

Is the punishment justified?
Well, since there is no evidence of an abuse, and there is a debate on the word being a racial abuse, a maximum of verbal reprimand or a 10% match fees is the maximum they could have gone just to send a strong message. Racial abuse is a strong charge, and surely different from abuse, and cannot be made without strong evidence. Thumbs Down.

Are the issues (of bad umpiring decisions and racial abuse charge) linked?
Well they are getting linked by media and the crowds. A lot of people see it as a attention diverting tactic which is expected to move the focus from the bad umpiring to the racial abuse event, at least temporarily till the hurt of being cheated settles down. Bad tactic. Thumbs Down.

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  1. No evidence! 3 players heard him use the word!

    Tendulkar didn’t hear it. Neither did I. I don’t see that that is relevant.

    It’s sad that so many people want to justify racism. It’s sad that we live in a world where so many people think its OK to call a black man a monkey.

    Shame on you.

  2. There seems to be a totally different perception about the case in discussion. While the whole world sits up and argues whether Bhajji did call Roy a monkey, I think a lot has been made into it by the Aussie media and not to forget, the Australian cricket team.

    The whole world now knows that the Aussie’s are a bunch of pathetic losers who cannot look competition in the eye. Its one thing to crush your competition on the field and totally another to resort to cheap means to bring their moral down. And surprisingly, the Australian cricket team has done enough to prove that they are the best at both forms of crushing. The latter form, needless to say, is not a very proud thing to do.

    About Roy crying foul on being called a monkey, tell me, how on earth would our comparisons to our ancestors be deemed racist. I dont think being called a monkey is a problem, the problem is that Roy was annoyed that Bhajji gave him some of his own medicine.

    Aussie’s , wake up, this will not be the last time that we Indians are giving it back to you. The next time you dare open your gob to mouth censored words at us, you will be treated with equal amount of disdain.

    Show some gut, fight it out instead of running to the powers that be.

  3. Peter, the language you used “Shame on you” shows why your comments can’t be considered seriously – you seem to be overtaken not by judgment but by rage. This Blog didn’t make any conclusions and i didn’t make any opinions without facts. I just stated what was there. Neither did i call Australians racists, I just said that the level of charges made, need evidence. We are not talking of 2 people’s personal talks, it has to be something where evidence has to be either TV footage, stump mic or the umpires, not the accusers some of whom were also seen giving false evidence regarding a catch in the same match, or pressurizing the umpires into giving false decisions. Well a more serious charge is there against Brad Hogg, who called the opposing Test Captain and the ODI Captain Bastards, which in India is a more serious slur. I am not sure how Bastards rate in Australian vocabulary? Is it considered an honour?

  4. While I understand Peter’s anger, I quiet agree with Vineet on this issue. We are talking about racism in cricket first, and then do we take on a holistic view of this issue in the context of the history of the world. We are cricket lovers on this blog, so lets stay with cricket for now.

    The case is open and shut, there is no proof against Bhajji. If he were to be proven guilty, plenty of us would be the first to admit that he was wrong and should be punished.But then thats not the case. Also, the ICC needs to draw a clear line as to what is deemed racist. Its needless to say that 10 different test playing nations speak 10 different languages and have 10 different ways of interpreting the common abuses that are used across the globe.

    Now take Hogg for example, the fellow is not going to contest the charge made against him by the Indian cricket teams manager on behalf of Kumble and Dhoni, instead he is going to defend himself by saying that its a common “slang” to call a fellow cricketer a Bastard.However surprising and wierd that may sound!!!!! Because he is talking as if they both ( Hogg and Kumble) are best of pals.

    But then he is trying to get a reprieve from the punishment by trying to touch base with the cultural difference of the country he lives in and the cultural difference of the country of his victim. (Although I think he is just trying to bull shit his way out of the mess he got himself into.)

    The point remains, on a broader context, that its not clear what is deemed racist. I just feel that the things have been blown out of proportion by the Aussie’s (right from the Ind v Aus series in India in 2007) because the Indians have had the guts to give the Aussie’s a taste of their own medicine.

    The poor fellows cant digest that and add to that, the fact that India has probably been the most competitive team they have played against in the recent past ( they have lost 4 of the 9 ODI + 20/20 matches since the 20/20 World Cup S/F against India with 1 being washed out). The Aussies have scene defeat a heck of a lot of times against India recently and they just want to get even. Vengence, by hook or by crook, was their sole motto. Cricket was just their medium, and I believe so was Andrew Symonds ethinicity.

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